Like An Electric Jolt.

It happened again and again and again!!

This time its when I turn back to write more notes about the Axilla, and I got a jolt about the same picture in my head! Only then, in the dream, I was crying, and someone was entering the room, shocked to see me in tears, staring at the same page in the textbook. I don’t know who that someone is, and even if I have an inkling of who it is, I’m not sure!


But really. My first statement when I got that jolt was, “wtf is this man.”

I don’t believe myself. I’m too busy to upload pictures of the restaurant that gave me the same jolt as well. But I will, soon-ish. :( Crazy crazy crazy. All I ask myself now is, “Did you seriously dream this up?” And in my heart, I think, Yes confidently. Then, a yes? Then, a maybe. And finally. No.

And it goes away till the next time.

Till next time then.

p/s: for the women. I like it on my bed. ;)

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