There Was Another Time In My Life: Rambles

Relient K. :)

And yes, there was another time in my before I knew you.

It’s been a month and nearly a week past now since I first stepped foot onto this new land. Since then, so much has happened. Things has been crazy up and down, in such a way that days seem to blur together into one line, and events slot themselves neatly into one-liners.

You can’t afford to screw your spotters.

You are called to do this.

Why can’t you just step back and let it go?

Don’t let the bitterness consume you.

Don’t let such silly sentiments of love take control.

What are you doing now? Don’t start.

Things are so much more different here than INTEC. The struggles so much more different. And just as how I emerged victorious from various scuffles and battles there, I’m sure that I’ll be led to be even more here. It’s tough, yes. Tougher than I ever expected, with things happening that I never knew could happen. I’ve cried so many times here, but with every tear shed, I’m going to stand up that much higher, and be that much stronger.

Not because I can. Because I will.

Thank you for allowing me to run, to jump, to scream at the tops of my lungs. I will never survive without your guidance in my life. For there was another time before you. And that time, it seemed like all I could do was to make chains. Although now, I’ve questioned myself and yet again, changed to close up: the chains that bind, are not chains that choke. But one that tells me, I am never alone.

Since then, nothing can compare. The sorrows, the heartbreak, the suffering. Nothing can compare to what I have then and now. Such a big difference in my life. One that never lets me forget how precious I am.

For that gives me strength to go through another blurred day fast becoming history, and to a future where things will turn out a little better.

I know that I’ve come a long way
My heart’s headed in the right place
But sometimes your past’s hard to face
But now I know you

There was another time in my life
There was another time in my life
Oh, there was another time in my life
Before I knew you

I sailed through the high winds and waves
I wondered if I could be saved
But I have emerged unscathed
Because I know you

There was another time in my life
There was another time in my life
Oh, there was another time in my life
Before I knew you, before I knew you

P/S: Esther’s in the hospital because of Malaria. Please pray for her fast recovery! :( We’re so far from home, and the system here is so different. All I wanna do is to watch her day and night actually, because the loneliness can take hold, when you’re all alone. But there’s classes and exams and PBL. And oh, I’m so torn.

Get well soon Esther!

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