For Shame!

Oh darn. So many things to say for the past few days, but so little time to upload pictures. One of the little things I dislike about WP, the uploading of photos. Haha! So slow!

But yeah, its been a great few weeks in Manipal, what with the first time to Dhol Bhaje, and I’ve no idea how to explain what it is but this: Dancing with sticks. Interpret that how you will.

And also, the amazing Diwali opening with LEGAL FIRECRACKERS THAT GO OFF WITH SO MUCH BANG. I LOVE it. It was an amazing night, and it hasn’t even struck midnight yet.

Oh, it takes me back down the road when I was just a child and my grandfather would buy all this firecrackers and we’ll have a grand ol’ time just listening to the BOOM and BANG. This was ten times better because the BANG was just that magnificent. We had some sort of a war going on, because everyone was trying to be the best in making the loudest noise, and the best lights.

it was pretty. And Awesome. :D

Pictures are all up at Facebook haha. And while I do wanna put them up here as well. Aw. Uploading is so slow I lose interest halfway. Dhol Bhaje post is still in draft because of that. :P Haha. Toodles people!

Time to catch up with homework. :)

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