You Got Your Hooks In Me

I’m always daydreaming. There isn’t a day that goes by without me falling into that endless pool of loose threads, characters and stories. I can categorize them into so many sections, and playfully pull out a strand or two any minute of the day. There’s the one about my childhood dreams and loves, the one where I wish I was that much cooler, the one where I’m a boy. Yeah. Plenty.

In fact, I’ve always daydreamed about one day getting into medical school, and guess what? Being a published author as well! Well, I do have a story published in an actual book being sold (Let me be smug, I’m tired, and I need a get-me-up. This works.) but I haven’t actually written down only the most awesome story ever. Which means, I’m only a crappy Medical student with no Elm Tree story behind my name. Ugh. The book that was supposed to bring my family to Switzerland. (Don’t ask me why this place, or all other places. It’s become a bit of a joke within my family.)

I’ve always thought and planned in advance that I would plan time in medical school to actually write. And I would, because my characters wouldn’t let me rest. They always run havoc in my head, and to let them die would kill me as well. So, that was the original plan, but as always, life takes it and twists it all around. Here I am, in India already. And still I haven’t found the time to write. It’s also the middle of November. The middle of National Novel Writing Month, and I’m supposed to have close to 30, 000 words of awesome.

What do I have?

0 words in the land of Novel-writing. And 0 knowledge in the land of sucky mugging Medical student.

I feel utterly stupid, depressed after reading muscle after muscle in the amazingly intricate human body. My hands hurt, I may get carpal tunnel soon, and I cannot memorize stuff well. I want chocolate too. And I want more Koko Krunch. Mine is quickly running out and apparently my package is still stuck in KLIA. I have also sworn (sortof) not to go on Facebook because I waste time there stalking people, and I’m annoyed because my only other alternative to relax when I’m tired and aching is to watch episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

I still get annoyed because Hey! I’m not in New York having some crazy adventures! Okay, so here I am ranting. :) I’m entitled to it. It’s my blog, so there. This keeps me sane.

And yes, where was I again? Ah, that whole thing about writing. Why writing again? Because that’s my creative fun outlet, and I’m being deprived. Chain of reaction goes like this: Failed Anatomy test -> feel stupid -> attempt to study -> full of Anatomy knowledge likely to disappear within the next hour -> unable to write delightfully awesome stories -> feeling even stupider and sadder than ever -> blog ranting time because I can’t go on Facebook.


Oh gosh. What would’ve happened if I’d chosen the path to becoming an English teacher instead? For one, I’d be in the UK now? For another…

I wouldn’t have met you. :)

So maybe life isn’t that bad after all.

I’ll write after Blocks. December can be my self-motivated Novel Writing Month. I just have to believe in myself.

You with me? :D

P/S: If this appears on Facebook, I swear I’m not really there. Automatically generated! Really! Haha. :D

P/P/S: I really really wish I could add footnotes into my blog posts. I’m beginning to have a fondness for them! Makes reading things so much more fun. (Thank You Terry Pratchett!)

One thought on “You Got Your Hooks In Me

  1. Are exams called Blocks over there? XP

    And yes, NaNo in December! It’s totally not working out for me in November too!* Go December!

    And c’mon, you’re not stupid, it’s the negative marking! (sounds very scary to me, seriously) I’ve learned that there is this thing called Bad Day, when nothing goes right and all. The key is, don’t dwell on it too long. It won’t last.

    Hope you have a great day ahead. :)

    *Btw, you’re not supposed to have 30,000 words of awesome. To be that awesome to churn out 30,000 words of awesome in two weeks would be totally unfair. And no one said you are supposed to. It is only a rough guide that one is encouraged to have 30,000 words, crap or not, at this stage.

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