When You Least Expect It

There’s never one that can understand the exact same thoughts you have. Not a man. But the beauty of it, is even when they don’t understand, even when they can do nothing to make it magically disappear, even when they say the stupidest things, they can still shower a little concern, and things can somehow get that much better.

Its not the grandest things, its the little things we do that makes someone’s life that much more meaningful.

Isn’t that simply beautiful?

By Allison Jean

That one little thing today.

To be utterly broken up over things beyond your own control. To feel so utterly helpless, and to want to bleed just to ease that fiery pain in your heart. Wishing so hard for someone to care, but knowing that they’ve their own problems. You want them to care, you want them to ask, but even so, deep down, no one is that selfless to risk all for another, their own lives hanging in the balance.

its depressing stupid thoughts like these that makes the red of blood so much more appealing.

You’ll be wishing, but you know, there’s really really no one.

And then someone comes and asks about you.


Someone you least expect.

Someone you don’t know so well.

And that makes it all better.

P/S: Pictures are all mostly reblogged from Tumblr
. :)

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