Breaking The 4th Dimension

HAHA! I have a Tumblr: I Choose To Believe, and I’m spamming it with Justice League/DC Comics stuff. :P And it is awesomely fun, and I get to fuel my love for DC Comics even more. Funny how my love for spandex-wearing, villain ass-kicking heroics only ever emerges when its close to the finals.

I remember how I use to chillax after studying for Edexcel by watching JLU series. :P

More fuel for the fire. XD

And guess what! DX Young Justice is coming out this Friday, and I’ve to wait close to a week before I can watch it! Man, I can’t wait for Blocks to be over. Haha, first time I get to see Superboy on screen! I’ve never really seen him beyond the comics, and oh, this is going to be so much fun. ><

Superboy! HAHAHAHA. Robin’s just a little too short. :(

Oh, and Viva today? Was kinda fun even if I screwed it up. Haha. :)

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