Dream About The Sun

In the dark, we’ll be of the light. :)

Sometimes, when people ask me, “How’s life?” I have to take some time to think before I answer. And most of the time I’ll say, “Life’s.. Like that. With its ups and downs, and all the in betweens. It’s okay. Even if its not, it’s okay.”

So many things has happened, there are the fights, there are the screams, there is that inner turmoil bubbling to the surface every now and then.. But who doesn’t have those times? When life seems like its in the dirt, being kicked in the face, and all hope seems lost. I felt horrible for those few days, crying my eyes out.

But the thing about having bad days, is that along the way, there are good days too. Days that just make you smile on those bad days. When life feels wonderful, the sun seems to be shining that bit brighter, and nothing can bring you down. Not on that day. Those days came by too, and it was awesome.

So when they ask, “How’s life?”

“Well. My life in 2010 is ending, but 2011? It’s going to be another roller coaster ride. Screaming at the round-abouts, and downs, but laughing all the way to the top.” :)

And I’ll enjoy every single moment of it.

Thank God for another day I’m breathing and living.

Oh! And here’s my 2011 New Year Resolution!

Here’s to more ice cream in both sad and happy times!

More crazy drawings in class, and crazy adventures everywhere. ;)

Writing more.

Growing up even more. I’ll have to be able to think and not be so dense. I keep walking myself into situations! Thank God for the strength He provides me in those times, haha.

Fall in love. (Maybe.)

You see, it’s going to be, LEGEN, wait for it, DARY! (It never works when you write it down.)

To all those reading this, have a great last few hours of 2010, and make 2011 a blast. :) See y’all there.

P/S: Oops! Haha. How could I forget?

*I’m to be a better student!
*I want to go skydiving!
*Debate moreee. :(
*Read more!
*Sing more. :D
*Go for a concert.
*Talk to you more often across the seas. ;)
*Travel India. :)

The End.

I Love This

This is going to be short, because its just mostly composed of this little joy I have in my heart right now. :)

God has been amazingly good to me. He has never been any less. Christmas this year is going to be different. For one, I’m not with my family. There’ll be no exchange of presents or anything. But still, I’ve a family here in India, composed of so many varied people, and so many new friends. :)

I want to give them all presents, but for the life of me, I can’t think of anything to give haha! So sorry. I’ll try to think of something soon. But yeah. Christmas! I’ve only started feeling the Christmas spirit after watching the Christmas Glee special. :) The gang are all out caroling today too but I didn’t go because I’ve been sick since Friday, and only just started eating regular meals again. :(

I’ve been in my room, just staring at the same Biochemistry page, but instead on freaking out on not really studying, I’ve been listening to songs, rewalking those well-loved scenes in my head on my lovely dream worlds. Just wandering around the net, doing the stuff I would’ve done back home on holidays.

I never knew it could be so therapeutic and relaxing. Doing things done so many times, just walking about, being me. :) It’s an awesome feeling. Just this: recovering, and gearing up for tougher, brighter days ahead. It’s gonna be awesome awesome because every day is different. Everyday something new’s happening, and God’s gonna be there for me all my days ahead. Lovely, yeah. :)

I meant to write a sappy love blog post too, but in the span of the two days since those thoughts, I think I grew up a little. My thoughts expanded a little. God taught me a little more. :) All is good. It won’t be the same sappy post I composed in my head, but maybe just a recap on things, and how I wanted, and how God showed me more. :)

Life is never perfect. Life has its moments. But I’m looking past all that, and seeing His glory blazing through everything. :)

It’s awesome.

Days Go By

This is the long blog post, you’ve all be waiting for. Or dreading. It’s separated out into segments! Now, how cool is that? :P

The Beginning

Once upon a time, after a terrifying, horrifying Block 1 examination, in which there were not much tears, surprisingly. Just black rings around eyes, and a tendency towards homicide. The papers varied in difficulty and it was definitely not all that fun to do. I can’t wait for my results to see how well I did, or how badly I screwed up.

But after the exams, due to us having an Annual Awards Night, we had a sort-of three days break! Friday, Saturday and Sunday! :) It was fantastic.

I spent Friday lazing around, catching up on sleep, and whatnot. Then there was the first time practicing for the Sumazau Magunatip dance! :D Haha, I felt and looked like an elephant trying to tap-dance I’m sure!

Then night came, and yeah, it was kinda like a fashion show in which I oohed and aahed over all the pretty girls on stage, and occasionally, the good-looking guy. Haha. But daaaaayem. Were the girls ever so lovely.

The highlight of the night has got to be a skit like thing with many dances performed by the lecturers. It was extremely entertaining, and highly creative, the way they incorporated the dances along with the stories. I’d put the video up, but its way too long! Pictures shall have to do. By the way, all pictures posted here are taken from Rudy Zain! :D

Some teachers made the students hearts swoon. And some were just so darn adorable! :D Definitely awesome. They were so sporting about it, and yeah, the joget dance was one of my favourites.

Aren’t they just sooo awesome!

They’re like, some of my favourite lecturers! Awesome yeah?

Now you know why I pay attention during Biochem classes. xD

Rockin’ Lecturers!

The night ended with me dozing off hahaha. :) Oh well. Here’s a pretty picture of myself teehee!

The Mangalore Trip

The next day, I headed off to Mangalore. Initially we wanted to catch the Harry Potter movie but thankfully there were no more tickets, and we watched Narnia instead! I have only this to say, “Ugh. Okay ny.”

Mangalore is nothing like I’ve imagined. Esther and the rest have gone to Mangalore, and I’ve always imagined it… Busier. More town-like.. More… More. Its actually just like another Udupi, another small busy place. Just with two big malls, and a cinema.

The shopping malls were like heaven. Obviously none of the usual stores you see in Malaysia were there. But the feel of it! Oh, nice. I’ve been longing to just wander about in an air-conditioned area and just window shop, ya know? And yes, this was good mind therapy.

Until you go out the malls, and you say, “Oh yeah, I’m still in India.”

Bought shoes on my own for the first time, that were not sports shoes. Haha. I’m still learning to shop for pretty things on my own. :P

Jessica Wang’s Day

The next day was Jessica Wang’s birthday! Girl who was made in Taiwan! We spent her birthday at Domino’s for lunch! And she got a free chocolate cupcake for free! It’s a dear pity she doesn’t eat chocolate, this girl. We then went to the beach and had a jolly good time.

This time we went earlier and managed to watch the sunset. We even played in the water! We didn’t go too far in because of the current. But it was a lovely time. The sky was so big, blue and beautiful and the sea echoed that. I even went jetskiing for a few minutes for only 150rs!

I got completely wet and maaaaan, saw the whole beach from a distance, and it was beaaaautiful! Completely and utterly beautiful with a touch of magic!


That ends my short break. Then, the horror starts again on Monday! Week 1 of Block 2 has been pretty okay. Its just I feel stressed for not touching the books more in preparation of whats to come because I’ve been going for dance practice.


Then I fell sick on Friday and it was terrible. Because we finally had our practice on the main stage, and it was a freezing night! Saturday was already our event in which we had to perform already actually.

Saturday night was the Cultural/Food Fest event themed Legenda, and Malaysians students from as far as Bangalore would come to enjoy some well-missed, well-loved delicacies such as sate, Ramly burger, etc.

Gosh, Saturday morning and afternoon was just spent practicing, and I actually missed the rehearsal, because I felt terrible and just slept at home. Made me panicked about the night, because I wasn’t sure if I would remember, and hey! It’s the first time I’m dancing for a crowd okay! Haha.

We wore the traditional costume, and it was nice. :) I like watching respective classmates shaking their hips for their own dance, haha. So funny!

I had to come up the stage twice. First time for a small role, holding someone’s hand for the Muhibah dance. Then the real one. Haha.

It was truly an experience. I mean, come on! My first time dancing! I was so scared I would look weird, or even miss a step. Surprisingly I didn’t! Yeay! Others did, and when they forgot I was like, “Crap, I’m going to forget soon!”

There was a blunder on my part after, haha. But it was really minor. Thank goodness. Oh, and I didn’t realize at certain points of the dance, I would be smack middle performing. LOL.

But yeah, I really enjoyed dancing it. I hope I won’t forget this Sabahan dance. It was really nice. And yeah, it’s a lemah lembut dance, a real gentle dance, and I’m anything but gentle! Still, I could do it. So that’s a plus for me wheeee!

And I even got free food and drinks that night. Along with a rose! Schweeet. :)

Because of all the work going into Legenda, they gave us Saturday and Monday off! Which is awesome. But seeing as how I’m still sick, and not studying. I don’t know how I should feel. I should be catching up on work and all. But I can’t. Nothing goes in because I’m feeling terrible.

This is the part when I start blogging to de-stress when I’m distressed.

Sunday Beach Time

Oh, yeah. I spent Sunday going to the beach with one Tan Jo Lynn. I wanted to cheer her up, and since she wanted to go to the beach.. It seemed perfect. We even went up the lighthouse! I screamed, because I was so freaking scared. I don’t think I’m ever going back up there.

But yeah. The beach is perfect, as always. I went jet-skiing again, this time at the back. So I didn’t get too wet, and I laughed hysterically everytime I flew off the seat and whacked the driver’s butt.

Still. Beautiful beautiful place. I’m in love with it. Third time and still not bored. Awesomeness.

And now I’m going off. Toodles. :)

This is me saying, have a flying day ahead! :D

You Only Need A Single Thought

And sometimes, that’s all it takes to say something wonderful, do something small, and cheer that someone up.

These few days has been humbling, taking me back to my roots. Roots I’ve been trying to grow and strengthen. It’s been amazing, but God, please continue to help me. I need Your wisdom. I need Your guidance. I need You to give me peace beyond all understanding.

I’m in need too.

Thank you for the single thought that came in this rose too. It really made my day. :)


Life is never simple, never easy. There’s always so many quick twists and turns, a hidden smile there, and a tear-streaked face around the corner. Nothing ever happens the same way to anyone. Nothing is ever always beautiful, nothing is ever always sad. Its how you perceive it, how you see it, and what you do about it.

Its thoughts like these that get me through the days: That while I may toil and tire under the strains of what I’ve been tasked to do, there’s always that little something to look forward to. A life meant for me and me alone. A life begun by life itself. :)

Ooh, complicated thoughts. Haha.

Well, exams are over, merely a small part of this hellish ride of a medical school that I’ve taken. Block 1. Gosh. And I’m terribly exhausted already. I don’t really mean to complain, but really. It feels like mugging for A-Levels all over again. Only that bit worst, because I don’t know what to expect and I really want to see my results just so I can know what went wrong in the process of studying. I need a point of reference, haha. But truth to be told, the peer pressure is killing my spirit. I’ve always thought “Med schhh is haaaaaard” was such an exaggeration. I know its not now. But yes, I’m working my way through, and its one brilliant time.

There’s the pressure of getting everything read and done with. There’s the growing up part, obviously. And learning new and new things!

Life can seem monotonous, mundane, eventful with student-ish matters, and then God sheds a little glorious light, and bam! There’s the miracle you’ve been waiting for. The one that makes you look at things with a bigger, wider perspective. The one that says, “Look up and see the beautiful things I’ve done for you.”

How can I not love life, and all the sorrows and miseries it brings, when there’s beauty behind it all? Of course, such joy and happiness comes only with faith. And those times when the spirit is weak and troubled, it can be just so difficult to feel the joy in living. Ah, but reminders come, and this one reminder fuels up my days, even through the darkness. That small candle lighting up the darkest recesses of my heart with the bountiful joy that comes from knowing He is Lord. (Gosh, a brilliant testimony to be said.)

This is me, being optimistic that life moves on, despite failures. (They’re only Block 1 exams! LOL CHILL.) And to know that there’s always, always more to life.

To be living, and loving, and learning. To be able to. That’s awesome enough.