Life is never simple, never easy. There’s always so many quick twists and turns, a hidden smile there, and a tear-streaked face around the corner. Nothing ever happens the same way to anyone. Nothing is ever always beautiful, nothing is ever always sad. Its how you perceive it, how you see it, and what you do about it.

Its thoughts like these that get me through the days: That while I may toil and tire under the strains of what I’ve been tasked to do, there’s always that little something to look forward to. A life meant for me and me alone. A life begun by life itself. :)

Ooh, complicated thoughts. Haha.

Well, exams are over, merely a small part of this hellish ride of a medical school that I’ve taken. Block 1. Gosh. And I’m terribly exhausted already. I don’t really mean to complain, but really. It feels like mugging for A-Levels all over again. Only that bit worst, because I don’t know what to expect and I really want to see my results just so I can know what went wrong in the process of studying. I need a point of reference, haha. But truth to be told, the peer pressure is killing my spirit. I’ve always thought “Med schhh is haaaaaard” was such an exaggeration. I know its not now. But yes, I’m working my way through, and its one brilliant time.

There’s the pressure of getting everything read and done with. There’s the growing up part, obviously. And learning new and new things!

Life can seem monotonous, mundane, eventful with student-ish matters, and then God sheds a little glorious light, and bam! There’s the miracle you’ve been waiting for. The one that makes you look at things with a bigger, wider perspective. The one that says, “Look up and see the beautiful things I’ve done for you.”

How can I not love life, and all the sorrows and miseries it brings, when there’s beauty behind it all? Of course, such joy and happiness comes only with faith. And those times when the spirit is weak and troubled, it can be just so difficult to feel the joy in living. Ah, but reminders come, and this one reminder fuels up my days, even through the darkness. That small candle lighting up the darkest recesses of my heart with the bountiful joy that comes from knowing He is Lord. (Gosh, a brilliant testimony to be said.)

This is me, being optimistic that life moves on, despite failures. (They’re only Block 1 exams! LOL CHILL.) And to know that there’s always, always more to life.

To be living, and loving, and learning. To be able to. That’s awesome enough.

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