I Love This

This is going to be short, because its just mostly composed of this little joy I have in my heart right now. :)

God has been amazingly good to me. He has never been any less. Christmas this year is going to be different. For one, I’m not with my family. There’ll be no exchange of presents or anything. But still, I’ve a family here in India, composed of so many varied people, and so many new friends. :)

I want to give them all presents, but for the life of me, I can’t think of anything to give haha! So sorry. I’ll try to think of something soon. But yeah. Christmas! I’ve only started feeling the Christmas spirit after watching the Christmas Glee special. :) The gang are all out caroling today too but I didn’t go because I’ve been sick since Friday, and only just started eating regular meals again. :(

I’ve been in my room, just staring at the same Biochemistry page, but instead on freaking out on not really studying, I’ve been listening to songs, rewalking those well-loved scenes in my head on my lovely dream worlds. Just wandering around the net, doing the stuff I would’ve done back home on holidays.

I never knew it could be so therapeutic and relaxing. Doing things done so many times, just walking about, being me. :) It’s an awesome feeling. Just this: recovering, and gearing up for tougher, brighter days ahead. It’s gonna be awesome awesome because every day is different. Everyday something new’s happening, and God’s gonna be there for me all my days ahead. Lovely, yeah. :)

I meant to write a sappy love blog post too, but in the span of the two days since those thoughts, I think I grew up a little. My thoughts expanded a little. God taught me a little more. :) All is good. It won’t be the same sappy post I composed in my head, but maybe just a recap on things, and how I wanted, and how God showed me more. :)

Life is never perfect. Life has its moments. But I’m looking past all that, and seeing His glory blazing through everything. :)

It’s awesome.

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