Dream About The Sun

In the dark, we’ll be of the light. :)

Sometimes, when people ask me, “How’s life?” I have to take some time to think before I answer. And most of the time I’ll say, “Life’s.. Like that. With its ups and downs, and all the in betweens. It’s okay. Even if its not, it’s okay.”

So many things has happened, there are the fights, there are the screams, there is that inner turmoil bubbling to the surface every now and then.. But who doesn’t have those times? When life seems like its in the dirt, being kicked in the face, and all hope seems lost. I felt horrible for those few days, crying my eyes out.

But the thing about having bad days, is that along the way, there are good days too. Days that just make you smile on those bad days. When life feels wonderful, the sun seems to be shining that bit brighter, and nothing can bring you down. Not on that day. Those days came by too, and it was awesome.

So when they ask, “How’s life?”

“Well. My life in 2010 is ending, but 2011? It’s going to be another roller coaster ride. Screaming at the round-abouts, and downs, but laughing all the way to the top.” :)

And I’ll enjoy every single moment of it.

Thank God for another day I’m breathing and living.

Oh! And here’s my 2011 New Year Resolution!

Here’s to more ice cream in both sad and happy times!

More crazy drawings in class, and crazy adventures everywhere. ;)

Writing more.

Growing up even more. I’ll have to be able to think and not be so dense. I keep walking myself into situations! Thank God for the strength He provides me in those times, haha.

Fall in love. (Maybe.)

You see, it’s going to be, LEGEN, wait for it, DARY! (It never works when you write it down.)

To all those reading this, have a great last few hours of 2010, and make 2011 a blast. :) See y’all there.

P/S: Oops! Haha. How could I forget?

*I’m to be a better student!
*I want to go skydiving!
*Debate moreee. :(
*Read more!
*Sing more. :D
*Go for a concert.
*Talk to you more often across the seas. ;)
*Travel India. :)

The End.

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