It’s Amazing!

Its a known fact that I study with blaring loud music, and do several things at once. Multi-tasking. It’s because I have a tendency to lose focus when I do only one thing. Strange, isn’t it? But that seems to be the way I work.

However, I can’t continue doing that anymore. It doesn’t work in Medical school. Subjects are so volatile, and understanding and mugging are all needed. :( I haven’t been doing so well either, and the fact that I get distracted so easily is bad!

Which is why I’ve been going to the library to study. le gasp! The quiet, libary with small tables and creaking chairs! When I first entered the library to have a look-see, I told Esther, “Ee, the tables are so weird. Why got all those borders around it?” And I thought, “Hell, I probably will never actually step foot and study in the library, ever.”

And here I am, today. Studying in the library, with its creaking chairs and weird tables.

Ah life. Thou art unexpected. :D

P/S: This post has no point. It’s merely to procrastinate and destress for that little while before I go back to Physiology. T___T Exams! :(


Today is a day of firsts.

A beautiful start to the year by waking up and just praising the goodness and blessings bestowed upon me by God.

A walk with a dear friend, talking about another year ahead of us, full on uncertainties and strong borders already determined for us. A shift from being a teenager to the big two-oh, and of being 21. ;)

Classes for the first time on New Year’s day!

Developing faith and using the gifts He’s given me to the fullest, and praying for more opportunities, for His wisdom to help me more and more, to reach out and expand His kingdom.

And then it was going to the Carnival in India! :) Taking the ferris wheel with someone well cared for, and just enjoying each and every moment.

Dinner at Dishes. :)

And it ends with a rowdy wonderful bunch of friends, singing and dancing together. The first step to the unknown, and walking back brimming with laughter, and memories that will never be forgotten.

Ah, 2011. You’ve proven to be full of surprises indeed.

What’s going to come tomorrow?

P/S: There’s also that struggle in my heart. Believing and yet not believing. But only time can tell, and 2011, I’m pretty impatient sometimes. But I’ll wait, and see how it goes.