It’s Amazing!

Its a known fact that I study with blaring loud music, and do several things at once. Multi-tasking. It’s because I have a tendency to lose focus when I do only one thing. Strange, isn’t it? But that seems to be the way I work.

However, I can’t continue doing that anymore. It doesn’t work in Medical school. Subjects are so volatile, and understanding and mugging are all needed. :( I haven’t been doing so well either, and the fact that I get distracted so easily is bad!

Which is why I’ve been going to the library to study. le gasp! The quiet, libary with small tables and creaking chairs! When I first entered the library to have a look-see, I told Esther, “Ee, the tables are so weird. Why got all those borders around it?” And I thought, “Hell, I probably will never actually step foot and study in the library, ever.”

And here I am, today. Studying in the library, with its creaking chairs and weird tables.

Ah life. Thou art unexpected. :D

P/S: This post has no point. It’s merely to procrastinate and destress for that little while before I go back to Physiology. T___T Exams! :(

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