Sleepy Naughty Baby

When I came back home from India, the last thing I expected was more pets around my house. Specifically, inside my house. My housing area always had stray dogs around. I hated it, because my previous household pet, Glory, a scruffy dog, liked to pick fights with the other dogs. He died because of that as well, and I didn’t realize until I wondered why he didn’t wake up from his usual nap by the door. We don’t really chain him up, because while he’s small, he’s lethal. He can break chains.

With him gone, my darling neighbour decided to continuously adopt more dogs just to keep their house safe, as there’s threats of theft, etc. The only problem? They don’t give them collars, they don’t keep them in the house, they don’t feed them, and literally sets them wild after the initial, “Oh look at my cute puppy!” disappears into thin air.

And when I came back home, there were four dogs roaming around. Two huge giant dogs, one scruffy dog very unlike my Glory before, and a stinky ugly Chihuahua which I really disliked. They were also humping when I returned. Ugh.

Mum also prepared me with a call just before I came back. “Your sister and brother seemed to have found themselves with three kittens.” Also, there were two little terrapins, in which one had disappeared.

Oh goodness gracious me. So many pets! :(

Then I saw the three little kittens, barely four days old, and i sort-of fell in love. I never expected to love them, and I did. Also, I enjoy tilting the terrapin backwards and laughing at it. But still, let’s get back to the kittens! I’m not really an animal lover, because past the adorable cuddliness, there’s the poop, the ickyness, and all, which I don’t really like. Haha! Yes, not really a dog person or a cat person, but still!

Them kittens stole my heart. Here I am cuddling them in my lap, stroking their necks, letting them kiss my cheeks, or bite at my fingers, and I just love them. Despite them pooping and all. They’re still awesome.

I wonder what’s going to happen to them. My family can’t keep them, not with all of us away from home so often. Ah well.

Until that day comes when I’m to fly back. I’m gonna keep them close to my heart. Literally. :)