I guess out of all my vivas, this viva impacted me the most. Just the day before I hadn’t had any mood to study AT ALL. I was flipping through the texts here and there, gobbling up bits of information when I can, but more often I was just staring into space, not really caring.

I don’t really know why, but I just couldn’t pay attention and make myself focus. I was all, “Ah, whatever.”

I even slept off till 4 before finally grudgingly going through certain chapters I missed. I didn’t touch one particular chapter however, despite knowing it was one of the most important chapters for this block. I was all, “I can identify the structures anyway, blah theory.”

And then I went to the dissection hall and found out that Sir Snarky Spitfire was going to be my Viva lecturer. Oh, how my heart fell. It fell into the pits of gastric juices and tried to digest itself. And not only that, I was the first in line of fire. Those who heard that I had him, shook my hand and gave their condolences. He was well known for tapping impatiently when you stammered, and snarking the heck outta you when you stared back cluelessly.

So there I was, very unprepared, scared as hell, and praying, “God, let him be nice!”

He sauntered in late as I shivered in my whitish labcoat, and smiled. He smiled so sweetly! The smile I knew from Facebook, the smile that could be seen on his daughter’s face as well. That sweet smile!


And the Viva started and it wasn’t so bad at first. But it was obvious that I had no clue what I was saying for that particular chapter I hadn’t read. And he asked me so many questions based on that topic and I could only stare at him in horror.

Worst of all was the way he kept smiling, and said, “Its okay.” He didn’t even snark me! He didn’t scold the way he did before! I felt sooo bad.

Here I was, stupid, lazy and he was smiling at me!

Uh. I felt so moronic not knowing how to answer the easy questions. I’m only thankful that I could at least answer all the rest that I read up on, and well too. Just that chapter. Guh.

Oh God, Thank You for not letting him snark snark me, and be full of smiles and forgiveness instead despite my stupidity and laziness.

I shall not be lazy anymore and be even more geared up for the exams tomorrow morning. :)