Note: I wrote this back in September 16, 2008, and it’s been 4 years since then. So much has changed, and yet not all has. :) This post is a great reminder of that.


Nicole Tan hates writing about herself. Because she has absolutely no idea what to write about herself. She isn’t someone famous (not yet, at least) and has done nothing to change the world. She’s not a superhero, merely this student studying for A-levels. There’s nothing interesting about her, really.

But she’ll still humor you, and since she has some time on her hands, she’ll mention a few details about the really normal girl she is. (She actually just likes talking about herself when she can.)

Nicole Tan is pretty young. Much younger than most of her peers, yet looks maturer than some of them. Never comment on her look, she doesn’t like it, really.

She adores writing, and desires to be one of the best fiction writers in Malaysia, but has yet to finish her first book (of thirteen). She only has one published story to her name, but remains very proud of it. If you really know her, you’ll know that her biggest greatest passion is writing, writing, and writing.

A long time ago, Nicole used to write Fanfiction. She doesn’t update them anymore though, and have since developed an eye tick every time she glances upon them. Either that, or she cringes in pain.

Short stories that she’s written need to be polished up, but right now, she hasn’t the mood to do so. You can find them here though. She’d love comments.

Nicole is part of BRATs: Bright Roving Annoying Teenagers, a journalist programme by The Star. Thus, should you meet her, be prepared to be bombarded by weird questions. She’s a curious soul, and might ask you the randomest things. She has also been trained in the art of stalking, and thus, beware, poor soul who hath captured her heart.

Nicole listens to a wide genre of music, ranging from Air Supply to Linkin Park. Has been tagged crazy for listening to loud, noisy music when doing Chemistry or Biology. Particularly loves Westlife, and can sing any of their songs.

One thing she’s proud to add is that she’s now passionate about debate as well. Having been through a few rounds of competition in her college, she’s now crazy over debate, and cannot seem to forget the awesome fun that is British Parliament style debate. Nicole wants to be able to take part in more competitions in the future. She loves verbal fights.

Has been asked whether she was actually really dumb, or too much of a genius. Because she cannot tinkle around the kitchen without asking whether that meat is chicken, or fish.

Nicole was a former librarian. Conclusion: She loves books. And reading. Which should be obvious once you know that she loves writing.

Nicole loves to Facebook.

Is highly dangerous when in one of her crazy moods. You’re not advised to ignore her because she gets hurt when you do. Advisable to play along until she gets exhausted on her own. Which will happen pretty quick once the sugar high goes down.

Nicole is half banana.

She’s aiming to be the best doctor she can be. She might have wanted to take up Literature and be a teacher instead, but she knows that if she hadn’t taken this chance God has given her to go forth and save lives, she would’ve regretted it forever. After all, she have had this dream since she was a child, and now, she’s living that dream. Or rather, walking on the road to that very dream.

Is sanguine. Interesting to note that in Wikipedia, this is said about being sanguine: Also, the humour of Sanguine is usually treated with leeches.

Nicole is trying really hard to be that someone, anyone can talk to and be good friends with. Even if she can be a little too blunt sometimes. Please forgive her if she has jumped at you and said the funniest things.

Nicole loves taking pictures of the sky. She’s fallen down many times because she was too caught up looking up and counting the number of clouds in the sky.

Is in love. (No, its a crush, an infatuation, and will get over it soon. She hopes.) Has already gotten over it, period.

Has had her heart broken. And is quite over it. Really. No more stalking. Ah-ha.

And that is the end, really. You’ll get to know her even better if you read through the posts she has painstakingly written to chronicle each and every day of her life. In fact, isn’t that why you’re here in the first place? To get to know her, and to keep yourself updated with the on-goings in her life.

And so, she thanks you for going through this introduction, and for reading anything else that she has posted up here in this weblog. Because she tends to rant, and you know that don’t you? Having read this really long introduction, you’re almost bored to tears.

She’s a nice person, really. And doesn’t bite. Take your time here. You’ll love it.

And oh, if you’d like to find out more about her locked posts, do read this up for more information.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Cause wordpress can lock certain posts SJ. :) I need that privacy lar, since I’m always blogging about personal things. Yet I crave the comments from people about my everyday life. LOL.

    And Lindley, I agree that wordpress themes are totally awesome!

  2. hello!
    came across your blog, probably because the link was in Plurk, and me being bored just started clicking at things randomly. You’ve got a very interesting blog =) and I’ve noticed some similarities between us, and I just have to point them out! For instance, my name is also Nicole Tan, and I too am a Malaysian, though I now live overseas. You seem to be inetersted in medicine and english literature; well, I am doing a conjoint degree double majoring in biological sciences and english Literature, though my fields of itnerest in biology are ecology and the environment. I, too have been writing since a kid, and I have accounts in Fanfiction and fictionpress, both of which I no longer frequent. And yes, my old fanfiction does make me cringe!

    Well, that’s all. I’m just bored and random =) Have a nice day.

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